What Should I Look For While Shopping For Cheer Shoes?

When shopping for clearance sports shoes for your cheerleader, there’s a few things that you should take into consideration. Cheerleaders spend a lot of time doing kicks, stunts and even jumps, making it important to have proper-fitting shoes. The comfort of the shoes can make a big difference too. Selecting the proper cheer shoes is a priority. Here are some things to consider when shopping for womens cheer shoes.

Comfort: Of course, you will want to make sure these cheer shoes have good cushioning. They should also be flexible and lightweight, which help to reduce the chance of injury. Breathable material is advisable too.

Style: Check with the coach to see if there’s any requirements regarding style for your cheerleader. Some need specific colors or style to meet team requirements.

Features: The type of features needed on the cheer shoes will depend on their routine. You definitely will want to choose a shoe with support cushioning and that is durable. Also, if your child is performing stunts or doing tumbling, they’re all need heel grooves which offer shock absorption and ankle support too.

Fit: If the shoe doesn’t fit right, it shouldn’t be worn, no matter the price, the style or any other feature. Try the shoe on both feet and perform usual tasks in the shoes. Have the cheerleader do a jump or a kick to get a true feel for the shoe. Also, allow a little space in the top of the toe box so no corns or blisters develop.