Tips for Staying in Shape during the Off Season

Are you a seasonal athlete?  It can be pretty difficult to downhill ski in July or water ski in December. Nevertheless, history shows that you only perform well during your peak season if you’ve stayed in shape during the off season. If you’re fortunate enough to train with a professional team or organization, chances are, off season programing has been developed and ready for our participation. If, like most athletes, you’re on your own, it takes special dedication, motivation and research to stay in top performance condition during the off season. Take these recommendations from top athletes to ramp up your off season game.

Diet is just as important during the off seasons as when you are actually competing. Presumably, you’ll be driving your body and making demands on your stamina and strength during off season training as during the most competitive months of the season for your sport. You have to put top quality fuel in your engine if you expect it to perform at optimal capacity. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and supplement your diet with protein shakes containing a smart balance of vitamins and minerals from the trusted experts at MediFast. Your body will thank you. Load up on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish as well as clean carbs. Avoid excess sodium and sugar much as you would during your competitive season.

Design your workouts to strength muscle mass, stamina, agility and flexibility. Allow at least one day between heavy weight lifting or Pilates sessions to allow your muscles to repair and build, otherwise, the chances for injury increase. Vary your workouts from general fitness preparedness to drills designed to increase your skill level in your specific sport. Enlist the input of other athletes and those with whom you compete in the on season. Best of luck to you as stay committed to your work-out regime during the off season!