Maintaining A Synthetic Grass Sports Field

The maintenance of traditional grass surfaces can be difficult, especially if large numbers of people have been playing the sport. The traditional grass can be affected by the weather conditions.

  • You should consider having your existing playing field taken up and replaced.
  • There are lots of materials that can be used, including astroturf synthetic grass.

How can this synthetic sports field be maintained?

Debris Can Be Swept From The Surface

Debris can be swept from the surface. This includes rubbish that has been left there by schoolchildren and it can also include mud and sand. This is going to make sure that the surface is completely clean by the time children are going to be playing on it.

Water Can Be Swept From The Surface

Water can be swept from the school sports surfaces in Melbourne if there has been some heavy rain. This is going to be one of your primary concerns. Once all of the water has been removed, the surface will be safe for the children.

The Speed Of Maintenance

You will be pleased to know that maintenance is never going to take a large amount of time. When you are running a school, this is going to make your job easier.

The Features Of This Surface

1) The synthetic grass is going to allow children to move quickly and they are not going to get their feet tangled on the surface.

2) The synthetic grass is going to allow balls to move at an even pace along the surface. This is going to improve the quality of the games that are being played at the school and will help the children to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

3) The synthetic grass is easy to clean and it is not going to retain any stains. This is useful if substances like paint are spilt during the painting of court lines.

The Main Activities That Can Take Place On The Surface

This is a good surface for running, so it can be used for relay training and beep testing exercises. There are many sports which are suitable for the synthetic surface. You might want to stop people from playing on concrete so that the risk of injuries is reduced.

It is much better for children if they are playing cricket and football on a synthetic surface.

The Design Of The Surface

You might think that the synthetic grass pitches are going to be available in one colour: green. However, you would be mistaken. The synthetic grass can be supplied in a wide variety of different colours to suit your exact needs.


Debris and water can be swept from the surface of the synthetic grass and then the sporting event can begin. This material is going to be able to deal with adverse weather conditions. Thousands of games can be played on the surface without any noticeable effects. The surface is going to improve the quality of games like cricket and rugby.