How to Watch All NFL Games Live with An International Game Pass

When we said that the NFL season was far from over – even at this point in time when we are on the 15th week – we weren’t joking.

No one would have thought a team like the Rams would succumb to Bears to lose their impressive winning streak. On the other businesses end of things, Lions ran out clear winners over the Cardinals in a scintillating game that saw them concede just three points.

If you thought that was the height of it, you’re wrong again. In fact, the coming games are going to be just as fun – if not more.

Here’s how to ensure you never miss any other game.

Cable TV

This is the most common option for many to see the games. If you also have cable subscription, you can go ahead and tune in at the times of every game. You can check the NFL schedule to see the local time at which the games would be playing. You would also need to have a game pass to enjoy the games with a cable subscription.

That being said, this is our least favorite mode of seeing the NFL action. For one, there is the cost of running cable – which can be very expensive if the only reason you are keeping the cord alive is to see the games.

Besides that, those travelling outside of the US would not be able to watch the games even if they had cable subscription back at home. Of course, residents of other counties would not even be able to access the cable service at all.

As if that’s not enough, there is the case of blackouts that comes with cable TV. Should a certain game be playing in your locale, promoters might choose to stop their game from airing so that more people are driven to the stadiums.

Alternative ways to watch NFL games

Our favorite modes of watching NFL games is by streaming it via a suitable platform. The reason for that is not far-fetched. Those in other markets can get some comfort in being able to get the games in their own regions too without having to worry about geoblocks and cable.

Those in the local market will also be able to leave the cable cord cut and watch the games in a cheaper way. To do that though, you would need to have an NFL game pass.

Even if you were in the US market, we don’t advise that you get a local game pass. There are certain restrictions around these ones that prevents you from accessing season games when they are playing live. You can get rid of these problems when you watch NFL with an international game pass.

As the name implies, these are NFL game passes which are sold in other (select) countries of the world. According to NFL rules, you can only buy a game pass in a country where you are located, and use it there.

Since we can’t ask you to go to another country just to get a game pass and enjoy all the games live, we recommend using a VPN

Getting your game pass with a VPN

The reason why VPNs work is because they allow you change your IP address at will. Thus, you could be physically present in the US and buy an international game pass meant for the Egyptian market. To do so,

Simple way to grab all the action and see the touchdowns as they happen live, don’t you think?