How and where exactly is Nidahas Trophy is available

What is Nidahas Trophy?

Hero Nidahas Trophy 2018 is a Cricket tournament organized in celebration of Sri Lankan 70th year of Independence. Three countries namely India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are competing in this tournament which comprises of 7 T20 matches, starting from 6th of March. Each team will be competing against the other twice in the entire tournament and the two best teams will move on to compete in the final on 18th of March.

How is this different from the precious Nidahas Trophy?

Nidahas Trophy has been organized by the Sri Lankan Cricket board previously in 1998 in which India, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka competed for the cup. The matches were in ODI format and India stood victorious in it.

This year’s tournament differs with the previous one in terms of the match format and the participating nations. Instead of New Zealand, Bangladesh will be competing with the other two teams in T20s as opposed to ODIs.

How is the tournament available to world audience?

Many technological advancements have happened since the last Nidahas Cup. The Nidahas Trophy 2018 will be available to the world audience through broadcast and through the live streaming. Live streaming enables people from any country of the world to enjoy the matches in any device they like through the internet. The entire tournament can be watched on Smart Television, Smartphone, Laptops, Computers, Tablets, and Gaming consoles.

How can you watch Nidahas Cup 2018?

Nidahas Trophy is made available to the entire world audience through a South Asian Content provider YuppTV. One can simply log onto the YuppTV website or download the app on their Smartphone/ another device to watch the game.

Where is Nidahas Trophy available?

The tournament is available for free in many countries where YuppTV is prevalent. All one needs to do to watch the game is to register to the service and start watching. Some of the countries where the Nidahas Cup 2018 Live is available for free are Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Europe, Malaysia, Middle East and North African countries like Egypt, Iran, Sudan, Oman, Morocco, etc.,

It has also been made available to the new users in the US, UK, and Canada for free if they subscribe to any of the annual packages of Indian TV channels. New Users from these regions can also simply watch the Nidahas Trophy live for a small price without subscribing to anything. The existing users from these regions can watch it the same way too.