Get Into The Game With A Rugby Simulator Hire

When you work with an event for business or throwing a networking solution for people to come through, you’re going to find that there are a lot of solutions that you can move with. Setting up a table is fine, but what if you want to throw together something a bit more exciting? What if you were to get a rugby game going?

That’s not going to be easy, right? Nope. You’re not going to be able to get moving forward with a game because it’s a bit dangerous to start throwing elbows and running with a ball through the convention hall or warehouse that your event may be at. But what if you were able to go with a rugby simulator hire? That’s something that could change everything, and allow people to step up to the field and kick a ball in real time, and get results fast.

What Is A Rugby Simulator Hire

This is something that many people will no doubt want to know about. When you look into rugby simulator hire, you’re going to find that it’s a simple solution that can be setup for an event and it allows people to play through a simple penalty kick shootout game. It’s a real-world solution that lets you put down a rugby ball and then simply kick it into a screen. When the sensors get hit with the ball, the virtual world reacts and you see the length, width, distance, and speed of the ball into the screen. This is done in real time, so when someone kicks the ball they immediately see things go forward. You can have a professional or an amateur do this, and you’ll get a good sense of what your kick would be like.

This is something that can be setup to allow you to have a bit of entertainment with relative ease. When you get this setup, you can get more people wanting to network with you and try their luck at hitting a ball. It’s simply a great option to kick through some fun, and have a conversation all at the same time.

Interactivity For Business and Beyond

No matter what type of event you’re going to be going towards, or what your goals are, you’re going to find that this is an interactive, business minded solution. While it’s a serious option, it’s also a bit entertaining. That means that you’ll no doubt be able to get people to have a fun and relax a little. This is something that your competitors are going to wish they had, especially when they see how interactive and innovative this truly is. Throw this together in your booth at the next tradeshow, and you’ll be the talk of the industry, guaranteed.

The technology that goes into this will impress even the hardest critic. It’s a real-time penalty shootout solution that will have rugby fans and enthusiasts excited. Test it out once, and see why a rugby simulator hire is well worth moving forward with. For more info, please visit