Footy Season’s Over, Now What Is There To Bet On?

Sports betting has existed since the time that sports have existed. The thrill of betting on a team and the rush that you feel as your team takes the trophy home is certainly among the best feelings in this world. Australia, in particular, is certainly neither a foreigner nor a newbie to sports betting and the country also happens to boast of being among the top countries to conscientiously practice the art of sports betting even in this day and age.

The most popular sport to bet on in Australia is football. Each season, sports betting apps receive a surplus of people willing to bet large amounts on their team of choice. But when footy season comes to an end, what can one bet on, really? Luckily, there are many other sports on which betting is practiced largely in Australia so there’s no way you can run out of options.

Thoroughbred Racing

So what if football season is over and the other season doesn’t start for the next few months? Australia has one of the highest ranked thoroughbred races with horse race courses that are second to none but the United States of America. It’s exceptionally fun and if the horse you bet on wins, the reward is large! Besides, it’s a lot of fun watching the thoroughbreds speed through and race for the lead.

Greyhound Racing

If you thought betting on thoroughbred racing was going to be the highlight of your year, you should also take greyhound racing into consideration. The greyhound races are impressive and remarkably enjoyable activities as are the handsome rewards that you get if you bet on the winner. Of course, if you’re used to betting on footy alone, then this might seem like a sport that is less challenging but if you choose to look at the brighter side – greyhound racing is certainly an enjoyable pastime.

Supplementary Options

There are tons of sports that are practiced in Australia and the audience is genuinely always betting on either of the teams that are a part of the sport. Australia even brags being one of the best teams when it comes to cricket so there’s always that option too. If you want more options, you should visit website of Bluebet – the number one sports betting app in all of Australia.

How Reliable Is Bluebet?

One of the best sports betting apps on the market currently, Bluebet lets you place bets on any team in any sport that you wish to show support to. The app itself is exceptionally reliable, so you don’t have to worry about your money going to waste unless you placed your money on the team that loses. Bluebet has policies that it always abides by, regardless of how long you’ve used the app for. Unfair advantages are never given to any of the players and you will get exactly the amount that you win rightfully.